Data center solutions built to scale as your business grows and changes.

Next-generation technology and design

Today’s compute requirements are complex and evolving, whether from the proliferation of variable AI workloads or the need to run on carbon-free energy. By reducing reliance on traditional generators and incorporating intelligently orchestrated batteries and other distributed energy resources, our active energy management system can balance between high-availability and interruptible workloads, optimize for carbon-free energy procurement, and provide critical relief to the electric grid.

Flexible infrastructure

AI training workloads are up to 10x the power density of traditional workloads, and our data centers allow our customers to dynamically vary the ratio of regular to high-density IT infrastructure. Whether you are looking for a large campus with access to hundreds of megawatts of critical IT capacity, or distributed single facilities closer to your customers, we can partner with you to build the infrastructure that best suits your needs.

Tailored to your compute needs

You need access to compute resources where and when you need them — on-time, on-budget, and with minimal environmental impact. Our data centers deliver against those goals and give you peace of mind as your business continues to grow and evolve

We innovate to meet your dynamic performance, scalability, and sustainability needs.